Equipos de contención 
y protección para salas limpias y espacios clasificados

We are manufacturers

Containment and protection equipment for clean rooms and classified areas

Kirhtech designs, manufactures, installs, qualifies and maintains a wide range of equipment for classified spaces in multiple sectors: pharmaceutical, food, packaging, electronics…

Custom fabrication of containment and protection equipment for clean rooms.

Range of Equipment


Pass boxes SAS

We manufacture, completely customized, a wide variety of SAS (Safety Access System) for the transfer of materials between classified spaces:

  • Static Material Passer (PME)
  • Dynamic Material Flowmeters (DMP)
  • Self Contained Material Handlers (PMA)
  • Dual Dynamic Material Dampers (PMDD)
  • SAS of cobs (PMM)
  • SAS with rollers (PMR)
  • SAS for raw material input with H2O2 decontamination
  • Finished product and waste output SAS
  • Finished product output SAS
  • SAS for waste disposal
Duchas de Aire Kirhtech

Air showers

Air showers are designed to minimize the introduction of possible particles into the clean area through the user’s clothing in a fast and safe manner.

Flujo Laminar Kirhtech

Laminar flows

Laminar flows are an essential tool for ensuring product integrity and worker safety in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and food.

At Kirhtech we manufacture them according to your needs.

Isolators and RABs

Isolators such as RABs are equipment used to protect product integrity and personnel safety in controlled environments.

Isolators provide protection through an enclosed chamber, while RABs separate a portion of the cleanroom from the rest of the space using physical barriers.

Cabinas de Pesada Kirhtech para salas limpias y espacios clasificados

Weighing booths

AFBc weighing cabinets are designed to offer high levels of protection and containment to the user, the environment and the product against airborne particles.

Inside the cabins an ISO 4.8 classification level according to ISO 14644-1 is achieved.

We manufacture two types of weighing booths, the bag in bag out (BIBO) weighing booths and the activated carbon air filtration booths (AFBC).

Cabinas de Pesada Kirhtech para salas limpias y espacios clasificados

Laminar air flow hoods

Laminar flow cabinets are safety equipment used in laboratories and industrial environments to control air contamination and protect the products or samples being handled.

At Kirhtech we manufacture and customize laminar flow cabinets both horizontally and vertically.

Cabinas de aspiración Kirhtech para salas limpias y espacios clasificados

Vacuum booths

Fume hoods are designed for modular laboratories where safe ventilation is required, minimizing exposure to chemical contaminants and their inhalation by removing gaseous contaminants and/or solid particles/aerosols.

Cabinas Biológicas Kirhtech para salas limpias y espacios clasificados

Biological Booths

A biological safety cabinet, biosafety cabinet or microbiological hood is a piece of equipment that provides an isolation barrier for the safe handling of infectious pathogens.

Innovation and Performance

State-of-the-art technology

At Kirhtech, we constantly invest in technological innovation.

Thanks to our customer service department R&D and proprietary technologies Industry 4.0, our equipment incorporates advanced filtration and decontamination systems, sensors and alarms to ensure air quality and product safety, and SCADA control systems to automate and maximize process efficiency and ensure data integrity.

We offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Beyond the norm

Highest quality

At Kirhtech, we are committed to quality.

We strictly comply with the highest ISO, GMP and FDA standards, perform rigorous tests and use highly technical production systems, such as CMC, to guarantee the quality of our projects.

In addition, all our equipment is qualified and maintained to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

We are manufacturers

Seamless integration with healthcare architecture

We design Kirhtech equipment to fit perfectly into the sanitary architecture of any cleanroom or classified space. If this architecture is of our Modular Clean Panel brand, the adaptation process will be not only optimal, but also fast, simple and economical.

From engineering to after-sales

Integral Service

Servicios de Ingeniería


Kirhtech dedicates part of its R&D activity to reactive innovation, developing 3D engineering and modulating the equipment to the specific characteristics and regulations of our customers:

  • Development of Special Equipment from scratch

  • Adaptation of equipment to clean rooms

  • Adaptation of equipment to machinery
Fabricación de equipos


With more than 3,000m2 of productive space and a highly technological industrial system certified with the most demanding standards, in our own facilities, and thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals, we carry out from the design engineering to the manufacturing of most of our equipment.



Our specialized fitters offer a professional and agile service for the installation of containment and protection equipment for clean rooms, classified spaces or machines.

Cualificación de equipos


Verification tests are used to demonstrate that the system is operating in accordance with regulations and pre-established specifications.

In Kirhtech’s qualification department we perform the following services:

  • DQ/IQ/OQ/OQ/PQ qualification
  • Design Qualification (DQ)
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • Process Qualification (PQ)
  • Factory Acceptance Tests – FAT
  • Field Acceptance Tests – SAT
Mantenimiento de equipos de contención y protección para salas limpias


In order to extend the useful life of the equipment and guarantee its continuous and optimal operation, we have maintenance technicians in charge of offering a preventive and corrective service.

In addition, we guarantee that the machinery continues to comply with GMP, ISO and FDA regulations.

Your trust, our best letter of introduction

Reference customers

After more than 20 years as experts in classified spaces, Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies is proud to have worked for major brands in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics sectors, among many others:

Your trust, our best letter of introduction

Reference customers

After more than 20 years as experts in classified spaces, Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies is proud to have worked for major brands in the pharmaceutical, food or electronics sectors, among many others, either by performing installations (Iguña), manufacturing modular sanitary architecture systems (Modular Clean Panel) or by supplying containment and protection equipment for clean rooms (Kirhtech).

International vocation

Global Presence

At Iguña, our international vocation and experience have led us to carry out projects and deploy equipment in multiple countries, consolidating our global presence in the cleanroom sector.


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