Special cabinets for clean rooms or clean rooms

Isolator 1800

The positive or negative pressure isolator cabin creates a working area equipped with an opening for easy cleaning and collection of liquids with drain valve for cleaning.

An ISO classification level 3 according to ISO 14644-1 is achieved in the working area.

It includes a front glass with butyl gloves, and opening allowing entry of large materials; and a side SAS with UV and double interlocked door.

All cab functions can be controlled from a distance of six metres, so that the user can be protected in the event of an emergency.

Laminar flow suction cabinet withCO2incubator

LICES is a special workstation for live cell experimentation.

LICES is developed to provide the same environment inside the incubator during observation and experimentation to maintain the necessary humidity, CO2 and temperature.

Easy to adapt to any Microscope.

Laminar flow suction cabinet with centrifuge and stirrer

Multi-functional Bio-workstation with integrated centrifuge, refrigerated stirrer and particle counter. The unit is ideal for stem cell isolation or cell handling in a sterile environment.

It incorporates pedals to turn on or off the centrifuge and the Agitator.

Capacity for 24 or 32 tubes of 15 ml.

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