Kirhtech dedicates part of its R&D activity to reactive innovation, developing 3D engineering and modulating equipment to meet the specific features and regulations of our customers.

Adaptation to Machinery

We integrate and customize the modules of our auxiliary systems to machinery performing operations such as injection, filling, transfer, packaging, or any treatment that requires a classified air supply.

Adaptation to Clean Rooms

We adapt the modules of our auxiliary systems to the dimensions and features of the classified areas, adjusting them to specific spaces or integrating them in the ceiling of the operating theater or clean room.

Special Equipment Developed from Scratch

We develop and customize equipment from scratch, depending on the requirements.
Due to the increasingly strict regulatory restrictions for classified areas, our customers are faced with the need to create unique special process equipment that is adapted to the characteristics of their activity.


To extend the useful life of the equipment, we have maintenance technicians in charge of providing a prevention and correction service. In this way, we can ensure that the machinery continues to comply with GMP, ISO and FDA standards. FDA.


Verification tests serve to demonstrate that the system operates in accordance with the regulations and pre-established specifications.