To extend the useful life of the equipment, we have maintenance technicians in charge of providing a prevention and correction service. In this way, we can ensure that the machinery continues to comply with GMP, ISO and FDA standards.

Preventive maintenance:

– We agree the frequency of inspection with the owner, as well as the consumables to be replaced.
– We provide a Maintenance Dossier that shows the items to be checked.
– Following each intervention, we deliver the status report and recommendations for any anomalies detected.
– This documentation is sufficiently rigorous to be presentable in audits.

Corrective Maintenance

– Any fault in the equipment involves stopping the production process, so we therefore commit to providing a response to any request for action within the first 24 hours.


Kirhtech dedicates part of its R&D activity to reactive innovation, developing 3D engineering and modulating equipment to meet the specific features and regulations of our customers.


Verification tests serve to demonstrate that the system operates in accordance with the regulations and pre-established specifications.