Kirhtech: We are experts in cleanroom machines and ancillary equipment

We are a team with more than 20 years of experience in the cleanroom sector.

We offer you our knowledge to design and manufacture auxiliary equipment and custom-made machinery for your clean rooms.

We design and manufacture protection, containment and process equipment, such as Cabinets, Laminar Flows, Isolators, SAS and Filling Machinery.

We have an R&D team dedicated to the improvement of our standard equipment and to the design of non-standard prototypes, adapting them in each case to the specific needs of the client and the sector.

Internally we have a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015, in addition,
All Kirhtech products, both machines and auxiliary equipment, are certified according to the quality requirements of GMP and ISO standards.

Our values are:

  1. Knowledge and experience
  2. Adaptation to the client’s needs
  3. Quality
  4. Continuous improvement


Our inescapable commitment

Certified processes

We have a quality management system certified according to European standards UNE-EN ISO:9001, applied to internal processes for the design of equipment for Clean Rooms.

Certified products

Kirhtech products are certified according to the most demanding regulatory standards for Classified Areas.

Kirhtech applies, as much in the development of the engineering as in the manufacture of the equipment, the rigorousness of the directives of the norms GMP and UNE-EN ISO 14644, referring to Clean Rooms, the REBT (Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation), and the UNE-EN ISO 14211-1 and UNE-EN ISO 12100, as referents in the Safety of the Machines.


Our engine of progress

Reactive innovation

Depending on the user’s needs, we adjust our equipment to the dimensions and special characteristics required. For example, adapting a laminar flow to an injection machine or modulating the dimensions of a weighing booth to a specific space in a Clean Room.

Constant innovation:

Driven by regulatory changes and the desire to offer the best product, our daily work is marked by constant R&D, applying it to the improvement and expansion of our product portfolio.


We have extensive experience in multiple industrial sectors

Pharmaceutical industry

Cosmetic industry

Food industry

Veterinary Industry


Hospitals and clinics

Aerospace industry


Chemical industry

Plastics manufacturing

Medical equipment


International presence

Our vocation

The international vocation is part of the Iguña Group’s DNA.

With our own headquarters and factory in Terrassa (Barcelona), we have offices in Morocco, Colombia, Algeria, Mexico and Jordan, from where we provide service to many countries.

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