Cleanroom equipment experts


We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in the cleanroom sector.

We design and manufacture containment and protection equipment such as cabinets, laminar flows, isolators and SAS, among others.

We have an engineering team dedicated to the design and adaptation of our equipment to the specific needs of each customer and the sector.

We have a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015, we certify all our equipment according to GMP and ISO quality requirements and we also pay special attention to environmental sustainability, being certified under ISO 14001.

We are Manufacturers

3.000m2 of productive space

With more than 3,000m2 of productive space and a highly technological industrial system certified with the most demanding standards, in our own facilities, and thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals, we carry out from the design engineering, through the manufacture of all the necessary components to build all types of clean rooms and classified spaces, up to the assembly process executed by our own personnel.

Kirhtech manufactures auxiliary and containment machinery for clean rooms: SAS, weighing cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, air showers, biosafety cabinets… both standard and customized.

Also, and under our Modular Clean Panel brand, we manufacture sandwich panels, connectors, doors, viewers and profiles that complement each other to create totally homogeneous classified spaces in which our equipment is perfectly integrated.

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Instalaciones Iguña

Cleanroom specialists

A trademark of Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies

As a result of its specialization and willingness to offer a true 360º and turnkey service, throughout its history, Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies has created two own brands and leaders in the design and manufacture of modular sanitary architecture systems (Modular Clean Panel) and containment and protection equipment (Kirhtech).

Cleanroom specialists

Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies offers a comprehensive turnkey service for the design, installation, validation and maintenance of clean rooms and GMP classified spaces.

Modular Clean Panel

Modular sanitary architecture

Under the MCP brand, we design and manufacture modular sanitary architecture systems for GMP environments: sandwich panels, doors, viewers, lights, profiles and other components for cleanroom installations.

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Reference customers

After more than 20 years as experts in classified spaces, Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies is proud to have worked for major brands in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics sectors, among many others, whether it is installing (Iguña), manufacturing modular sanitary architecture systems (Modular Clean Panel) or supplying containment and protection equipment for clean rooms (Kirhtech).

International vocation

Global Presence

At Iguña, our international vocation and experience have led us to carry out projects and deploy equipment in multiple countries, consolidating our global presence in the cleanroom sector.


Iguña pharmaceutical technologies

Our history

Our history is an example of vision, improvement and teamwork to achieve a single goal: the full satisfaction of our customers with a 360º integral service in the field of clean rooms and classified spaces.

Foundation of Carpentry of Aluminum Iguña

Domingo Iguña Salvador founds Carpintería Aluminio Iguña, origin of the current Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies.


Installation of the first clean room

With an entrepreneurial spirit, international vocation and vision of the future, Iguña installed its first clean room in Brazil at the end of the 1980s.

Salas Limpias

Cleanroom Specialists

Ismael Iguña takes over the management of the company, changes its name, expands the technical team and specializes in the installation of clean rooms and classified spaces.

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Quality, innovation and production capacity

Iguña obtains ISO 9001 certification in design, installation and validation of clean rooms while continuing to expand its technical team and production facilities for the manufacture of modular sanitary architecture systems.

Flujo Menu

Equipment engineering and manufacturing

In order to meet the increasingly demanding needs of its customers, Iguña starts the custom manufacturing of containment and protection equipment for clean rooms and process equipment.



With the opening of its delegation in Morocco, Iguña begins an ambitious internationalization project that will materialize in a few years with the development of a network of delegations and partners in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Algeria and Jordan.

Validacion, Cualificacion y Sat de Salas Limpias

SAT and Qualification

Iguña continues its commitment to integral service and has created the SAT and qualification divisions to guarantee that its equipment and installations are always operative and in compliance with the strict legislation in force.


We launched our trademarks

With more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of equipment and nearly 20 years of experience in the manufacture of modular sanitary architecture elements, Iguña launches on the market the brands Kirhtech y Modular Clean Panel to service engineering firms or companies that require these supplies outside the framework of an integral design and installation project of a clean room or classified space.

Global Facilities Group

Turnkey production plants

Completing the vision of offering a true 360° turnkey service, Iguña, together with Dopec and Orbital Pharma, founded Global Facilities Group, a group of companies capable of developing, turnkey, a production plant from the business idea to the start of production.

Global Facilities Group’s service includes product development, process engineering, technical building design, construction, installation, equipment, validation, certification and commissioning.

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