for clean rooms, laboratories and production plants

Isolators and RABs

Isolators such as RABs are equipment used to protect product integrity and personnel safety in controlled environments.

Isolators provide protection through an enclosed chamber, while RABs separate a portion of the cleanroom from the rest of the space using physical barriers.

Positive or negative pressure isolator. Creates a work area equipped with an opening for easy cleaning and collection of liquids with drain valve for cleaning.

In the working area, an ISO 3 classification level according to ISO 14644 is achieved.

It includes a front glass with butyl gloves, and opening allowing entry of large materials; and a side SAS with UV and double interlocked door.

All cabin functions can be controlled from a distance of six meters to protect the user in case of an emergency.

Lacquered steel construction

Touch screen

Access to the work area

SAS inbound and outbound

General characteristics
General characteristics

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