Project Description


The AFBc weighing cabinets are designed to offer high levels of protection and containment to the user, the environment and the product, against airborne particles. ISO class 4.8 is achieved inside the cabinets according to ISO 14644-1.

The replacement of filters and other components requiring maintenance is carried out from the work area (internal access).
It includes automatic speed control based on a pressure probe (and incorporates automatic compensation for filter clogging).
The AFBc cabinets have been designed to be integrated into the facility architecture and the various optional finishes make it possible to create a uniform aesthetic in the room.

The installation of EC motors guarantees high efficiency.

The control panel provides customized configuration, enabling a choice between several operating languages (Spanish, English and French), as well as the generation of operating alarms.

Lighting has been installed in a way that it does not disturb the flow and provides light levels of 500 lux at the height of the work area.


AFBc 1600
INT. 1600x2000x2100 mm
EXT. 1600x2600x2700 mm

AFBc 2000
INT. 2000x2000x2100 mm
EXT. 2000x2600x2700 mm

AFBc 2400
INT. 2400x2000x2100 mm
EXT. 2400x2600x2700 mm

AFBc 2800
INT. 2800x2000x2100 mm
EXT. 2800x2600x2700 mm

AFBc 3200
INT. 3200x2000x2100 mm
EXT. 3200x2600x2700 mm