Project Description


The SAS (safety access system) autonomous dynamic pass boxes from Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies are recommended for making transfers between classified and/or unclassified rooms. They are designed in stainless steel AISI 304, offer interlocking between doors, and include an absolute filtration system guaranteeing ISO class 5 inside the SAS during the controlled opening process with electromagnetic interlocking between the doors.

The SAS autonomous dynamic pass boxes can be installed in a classified room independently, enabling the supply of air from the actual room without the need for connection to the existing HVAC installation. The equipment includes a air sintake grille room, impeller unit with EC technology and HEPA H14 filtration module.


INT. 500x500x500 mm
EXT. 740x600x1100 mm

INT. 600x600x600 mm
EXT. 840x700x1200 mm

INT. 700x700x700 mm
EXT. 940x800x1300 mm

INT. 800x800x800 mm
EXT. 1040x900x1400 mm